How to Choose The Best Snake Boots for Hunters

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Rocky Snake Boots

Rocky Snake Boots might be considered one of the small companies, but their recent development of of nearly twenty different types and styles of snake proof boots also puts them up there as one of the larger manufacturers, as well.


This ability to have the quality that many of the smaller companies swear by along with large manufacturing numbers gives this company the ability to really grab a good chunk of the market and serve a wide range of customers.


One of the things that instantly stands out about Rocky Snake Proof Boots compared to many of their competitors is that they make these protective pieces of clothing for men, women, and youth.  Many companies focus only on men, while others also make ladies snake boots but ignore youth.


The second piece of information that jumps out immediately when it comes to these types of boots is that Rocky doesn’t stick with only one line.  As of 2011 there were already three major lines, or “sub-styles” of Rocky snake boots that were worth checking out by the general public.  Those three are:

  • Rocky Striker Snake Boots (example would be the first photo in this post)
  • Rocky Aztec Snake Boots
  • Rocky Mossy Oak Snake Boots


Some more lines are in the making, but even for a company like Rocky to already have three distinctive and specialized lines in addition to their mainstream offerings definitely shows a conscious movement towards becoming one of the big names in this particular field.  Even better for these boots and the company that produces them is the consistently high ratings that many of these boots receive from trusted websites and consumers alike.


Rocky snake boots offer excellent protection and a wide variety of styles for men, women, and youth which makes them pretty tough competitors in the marketplace.  Add in the durability and the Mossy Oak designs which are often camouflaged are perfect for hunters who need to blend in with their surroundings in addition to enjoying the protection that these pieces of clothing have to offer.


Chippewa Snake Boots

Chippewa Snake Boots are among some of the most popular and well known snake proof boots in the business.  Part of the reason for this is that the Chippewa company produces a huge range of boots including snake boots for hot weather, giving them a very solid reputation for making top of the line boots in every shape, style, fashion, and use imaginable.


Chippewa snake boots by solomonoutfittersWhile actual snake proof boots are only a very small part of the total Chippewa line, Chippewa snake boots do represent one of the largest groups of total snake boot choices on the market.  If you’re looking for a high end snake boot, right with LaCrosse, Chippewa comes off as one of the truly big dogs in the industry.


So what makes these particular snake boots any better than any other company’s? There are several things that make these boots stand up above and beyond the rest, and hopefully this Chippewa snake boot review will help demonstrate why this company remains so popular among the hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts who want maximum protection from snake bites.


Benefit #1: Several Different Styles Offered

One of the immediate things that will jump out at a shopper about Chippewa snake proof boots are how many different styles and designs are offered by the company.  Some well known companies like Browning or Justin only offer a small handful of different styles, sometimes as few as two or three a year or for a series of years and that’s it.


With Chippewa snake boots there are five new styles at any given time which include both mens and womens sizes.  These boots can range from rough workman’s leather to nice looking boots which could easily be cleaned up and worn into town as part of a dressed up ensemble.


Benefit #2: Built to be Multi-Functional

Chippewa snake boots are designed specifically to be multi-functional in nature.  While many companies focus solely on being aimed at waterproof and being excellent for hunting, or for simply being durable, but not many of them focus on being comfortable.


Since the Chippewa Company deals primarily in boots, and is not simply an outdoor company doing boots on the side, but they are a full blown boot company producing snake proof boots on the side.


Benefit #3: Fantastic Value

When it comes to getting extremely high quality for the money invested, it’s hard to beat what Chippewa snake boots has to offer. These boots are stylish, offer full protection against snake bites all the way to the knee.


These boots also have a strong reputation for being acceptable as snake proof hiking boots because they offer an unusual amount of comfort as well as strong ankle support.


Are there any negatives to Chippewa Snake Boots?

If there is one complaint that comes against Chippewa boots as opposed to their competitors, it’s that Chippewa boot styles as of this writing don’t come with camouflage, and the waterproofing isn’t always as solid as say Rocky Snake Boots or LaCrosse Snake Boots. In other words, while Chippewa appeals to a wider customer base than many of the other companies producing these boots, they do not do a great job of producing traditional snake proof hunting boots, leaving hunters (especially in wetlands or swamplands) wanting more than they can get at this time.


Overall, you can’t argue with the total quality of Chippewa snake boots as they enjoy a reputation as one of the finest brands available for a very good price.


Browning Snake Boots

Browning snake boots might not have the same level of attention as snake proof boots made by Chippewa or LaCrosse, but they do produce a series of popular boots.  Many Browning snake boots are produced in the “Mossy Oak” design of coloring to allow these to work as excellent hunting boots since they blend in well with the environment due to the various color tones.


These snake proof hunting boots are also designed to be warm and waterproof, which are definite pluses.  These boots most commonly come in 14 inch and 17 inch lengths in order to cover the entire lower leg from the ankle all the way up to the knee, the area of the body where many venomous snake bites take place.


These light weight boots tend to weigh only 32 oz, or 2 lbs.  Most of these protective boots will be cross lace up the front, although a few types zip up the side or even in the back.  This detail varies greatly from one style to the next and can even change from year to year as designs and styles change.


Browning’s main line of boots are not snake boots, but the Browning snake boots which are produced to offer a lot to consumers who are specifically looking for a warm, comfortable, durable, and water proof hunting boot that offers the additional peace of mind of protection from venomous snake bites.


Browning snake boots focus mostly on men’s sizes, as they’re aiming for the largest market available since far more buyers of snake proof boots are going to be male instead of female.  Because of this, women looking for a good pair of Browning snake proof boots might be better off finding a good pair of protective boots from another company which specializes in both men and women’s boots.

LaCrosse Snake Boots

One of the biggest names when it comes to high quality outdoor snake protection has to be the LaCrosse snake boots company.  LaCrosse have long been one of the biggest names in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why.  Hunters looking for excellent snake proof swamp boots have a wide array of choices from LaCrosse, who stands the second after Chippewa as the largest manufacturer of snake proof boots in the market place.


Whether hunting in the swamps and in need of rubber and water proofing, or a comfortable and warm boot for cold fall days in the woods, there are LaCrosse snake proof hunting boots designed for about any environment you could ask for.


What Makes LaCrosse Boots Different?

While each boot company is going to have different styles and types of boots which makes each pair different, generally speaking each company has certain features that define them and set them apart from the competition.


LaCrosse has two common features that seem to appear on every single pair of their boots. Their boots tend to be both camouflage in color, and they feature zippers.  Many hunters like the convenience of zip up boots, and obviously the camo is going to go over extremely well.


Most LaCrosse boots will be both waterproof and they will be extremely durable.  If there is a minor con to LaCrosse snake boots, then it might be that some models aren’t the most comfortable compared to some of the competition.  However the company has made it no secret that their first priority is making an extremely durable hunting boot that offers full protection from venomous snake bites.


Because of this, if it comes between lasting an extra two or three years or being a little more comfortable, they’re going to choose the design that is more durable and will stand the test of time longer.


Many of the snake boots that this company offers also have a reputation for having additional protections put in for protecting from scruffing and despite a mission of going for durability over comfort, many hunters find LaCrosse snake boots to be both comfortable and light weight.  These boots are also very competitively priced compared to competitors without having to worry about sacrificing any quality.


While the actual names and styles will change over time, as of this posting some of the most popular “types” of LaCrosse snake boots include:

  • Lacrosse Snake Charmer Boots
  • Lacrosse Razor Side Boots
  • Lacrosse Fang Side Zip Up Boots
  • Lacrosse Razor Snake Boots
  • Lacrosse Camo Zip Up Snake Proof Boots

Looking through these can give a hunter a great idea of what their ideal fall hunting boots might just look like.

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